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If your roof is damaged due to any natural disaster, you can rely on us for immediate snow roof removal services. Our professionals manage all aspects of the job to ensure that the project is completed on time and within your budget. We work closely with our clients to better understand their expectations and deliver long-lasting results.

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Roof Snow Removal

We provide roof snow removal for both residential and business buildings. We shovel snow from pitched roofs and roofs alike.

It can be tough to tell what weather Mother Nature will throw at you, or perhaps what type of care your roof may need right now. Here are some tips for when you might need roof snow removal (for that we use shovels, roof rakes, and the occasional snowblower) versus ice elimination (for which we utilize steamers):

When roof snow removal is a great idea:

1) Should a snowstorm dropped 6inches of snow on your roof.
2) If your roof has 6+ inches of snow from several storms
3) If you have a roof.

When you may require over snow removal:

1) When the snow looks hard though it has become ice
2) If you are a homeowner and have icicles hanging from your gutters, roof overhangs or soffits
3) If you are a Company Owner and have large plumes of ice attached to the building’s surfaces
4) If you have water leaking inside a business or Your House

Ice Dam Melt

Refers to any substance meant to be placed or thrown in an attempt in your roof to melt ice dams. These products almost always consist of some form of pelletized salt or various chlorides (like pucks).

Ice dam prevention

Is an attempt to prevent ice dams. Ice dam prevention approaches are ineffective. Typically, the best way to stop ice dams is to take steps to reduce heat in the attic (or space directly beneath the roof deck) and to keep snow off the roof.

Ice Dam Elimination

Is the removal of an ice dam (or a few ice dams) out of a roof. The effective and safe way to remove an ice dam is with steam a minimum of 250F.

Roof Raking

Is the action of utilizing a roof rake to remove snow from a roof (generally the roof overhangs).

Roof snow removal

Often synonymous with roof-raking, but could also refer to shoveling the snow. For preventing ice dams, particularly on a home with a warm 14, Vital brought on by inadequate attic insulation or ventilation.

Roof Pitch

Is a measure of just how steep a roof is. Horizontal or shallow-pitched roofs often accumulate more snow and also be more inclined to form ice dams, because water (from melted snow) can’t run off as easily. Roofs with a pitch, therefore, are less inclined to pool water and tend to collect snow that is less.


Is snow which runs the shingles of a roof down and melts into water. When it comes to contact like valleys or the overhangs, the runoff often forms an ice dam.

Salt Pucks

Are disks of salt which are meant to melt holes in ice dams, to allow water to run from the roof, instead of just continue to pool up. Salt pucks are largely ineffective and can discolor or otherwise damage roof shingles, yard foliage, gutters, etc.